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Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a combined financial planning and investment management service offered to clients with total investments over $100,000. These investments may include individual securities, mutual funds, retirement accounts, and annuities. The Wealth Management program provides you with a comprehensive personal financial plan and a custom designed investment portfolio. We design your investment portfolio using asset allocation strategies based on modern portfolio theory. Your unique investment plan will depend on your personal goals and risk tolerance. You will receive detailed quarterly reports providing performance information on every security. An annual fee allows you to call us or visit any time during the year in addition to regularly scheduled appointments.

Managed Portfolios

Managed Portfolios offers a professionally managed portfolio for Clients who have less than $100,000 to invest. Funds are purchased through a personal investment account we set up for you at Ameritrade Advisor Services. You will receive monthly statements from Ameritrade and quarterly performance reports from our office.


We are fee-only financial planners who are compensated solely by our clients. We do not sell products and we do not receive commissions or income from other sources. Fee-only planners believe there is a significant conflict of interest if an advisor stands to gain financially from the purchase of any product he or she recommends to the client. You can be assured of receiving our independent and unbiased advice.


Clients pay an hourly fee for financial planning and a percentage of assets for Managed Portfolios. Wealth Management clients pay an annual fee for on-going investment management and financial planning.

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